Company Profile 

We, Scala Metal (2003) are one of the finest construction tools manufacturer which based in Bangkok, Thailand. Our products are paint brush roller, mini paint brush roller, plastering trowel, bricklaying trowel, and aluminium Cement Screed/ Triangle Trowel.

We are also act as both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer) – According to customer requirement, we can initiate a new brand depend on customer objective and criteria. On the other hand, we are also manufactured our own brand which is “SCALA” which have been highly awared in the market for almost 30 years.

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Becoming one of the biggest construction tools manufacturer in South East Asian.

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  1. Serves customers and market needs with our best quality of products and services.
  2. Create more categories and product lines to serves all segments in the market.
  3. Maintain long-term relationship with suppliers and customers.

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